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Monday, December 19, 2011

Soo I Lied

Last month I posted a blog called Goodbye Soo about how Delf "Soo" was being discontinued, along with the other Delfs, and how I debated getting her but ultimately decided not to.

Welllll, surprise.  I changed my mind.  ^_^

At the last minute, some friends helped convince me not to give up on the last chance to get a doll that I wanted.  So, I ordered her on November 15th - which was not only the last day to order any of the Delfs, but also the first day of the Luts Winter Event.

My "Soo", named Juliet, arrived today.  :D

Thursday, December 8, 2011

(Slightly Belated) A2F Recap!

For the first time ever, I got to go to the Arkansas Anime Festival last weekend, and it was a blast!  The Arkansas Anime Festival, or A2F for short, is held twice a year in the Northwest part of the state, so December 2-4 was the fall/winter edition, and there will be another next spring.

I first made plans to go to A2F back in July or August, I believe, so I'd been looking forward to it for awhile.  The dates were pushed back from November to December, but really I think it wound up working out for the best (more on this later).  Originally, A2F would have been my first con (besides animal-related conventions/expos and the one Star Trek convention my parents took me to when I was very young), but then I wound up going to GlitchCon for just a day back in September.  So A2F was really still my first full con experience staying in the host hotel and going for the whole weekend.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chobits on Love

I was looking up Chobits, thinking about buying it on DVD.  Sort of made me think why I love this anime so much.  I love it, it's very sweet, but it's also sad.  This part of the anime makes me cry every time.. because I can relate to it too well.
"Today I look for someone just for me. Someone who will love me even if I cannot fulfill their wishes. Someone who has love for me alone. But, there is another me. The other me asks 'Does that person exist?' I need someone whose love for me is true. I want someone who loves me without asking anything in exchange. Unless that someone loves me for being me, they're not someone just for me. Is this so? It is. This someone exists? He does. If so...then where? My someone is nearby, I think. Perhaps I already know him. But, what if that person does not love you back? What if that person likes someone other than you? People aren't like them. You can't erase feelings. People aren't easy to change. I know. But people do change. Their feelings are dynamic. Feelings of love are more resistant than others. What if he never loves you? Then I'll have to decide. Decide, then do what must be done. Me and the other me." 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goals for 2012

So I've been doing some thinking about what my doll goals will be for next year.  This first year of doll collecting, my resin family has grown rapidly.  I am very happy with my collection, no doubt, and each and every one of my dolls brings me a lot of joy.  But I think next year will not be a big doll-buying year like this one was.  I'm not going to leave the hobby or anything, but basically shift the focus of my spending (both time and money).

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I admit, the holidays kinda make me a sappy person.  I know the whole story of Thanksgiving, you know, what happened to the Native Americans and all that, isn't pleasant and that the whole Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims and Native Americans is just a cheesy made up thing I guess.  But I think the idea of having a day of thanks - even though we should be thankful every day - is just pretty nice.  Plus I like the traditions of Thanksgiving - getting together with family and friends over a big special meal and saying what we're thankful for.

So, I would like to share what I'm thankful for:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye Soo

A little while ago, Luts posted this notice on their website:
"We regret to notify you that we are temporarily suspending to offer Delf(60cm) on LUTS, effective November 15, 2011.
You may buy Delf until November 15, 2011. After November 16, 2011, you won't be able to do.
We will let you know if we resume Delf on LUTS.
We apologize for any inconvenience and we will try more to offer better service.
Yours sincerely,

Now, this would *just* be the "DELF" line - that doesn't include Senior Delf, Junior Delf, Kid Delf, etc - it may be temporary or it may be for good.  A lot of people are speculating that this has to do with the Delf line actually being Cerberus Project sculpts (the other lines are actually made by Luts, not CP) - which means they could go to Fairyland instead maybe like the Minifees did.  But one thing is for sure - no one knows for sure if the Delf dolls will be sold again as they are on Luts.

One thing I've seriously been debating is if I want to borrow money from myself (from my savings account) to buy a Delf "Soo".  I'm normally more interested in MSD sized dolls, I do like other sizes and plan to one day branch out more besides just MSDs, and since I love the Kid Delfs so much, naturally I was curious about the other Delf lines.  When I saw "Soo", the look of her just struck me as a perfect doll to be a big sister for Minette (my Kid Delf "Aru").

Merging Sort of

I've decided to sort of merge my blogs.  I have this one (currently named "Keilee's Thoughts" but that might change), and the Butterfly Garden Dolls blog.  Originally I figured I would post everything doll related on the Butterfly Garden blog, and I'd post everything else here.  But really, dolls are such a fundamental part of my life, that separating my life into two categories - "Dolls" and "Life" - doesn't really work.  So I moved all my posts from the doll blog over here, and now this is just a "Life (and Dolls, because Dolls are Life)" blog.  ^_^

I'm not going to delete the other blog, but I figure I will keep it for actually posting creative writing about the dolls once I get around to actually writing out their stories.  Also if I do any in-character/character development stuff, it will go there.

Hope that makes sense.  (:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Year Anniversary

There's a few key dates right around each other when it comes to my history in the doll hobby.  I honestly can't remember when I first became interested in BJDs.  I know it was several years back and that my interest sort of waxed and waned, but it wasn't until just over a year ago (maybe summer 2010) that I really decided I wanted to get into it and started doing some serious research about dolls and the hobby.  Many times when I thought about getting into dolls, it just seemed so out of reach, but it was then that I said to myself "hey, if I save up, I can own the doll of my dreams" - which after looking at many dolls, I decided was a Luts Kid Delf Aru. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend I went to GlitchCon!  So here's a bit of a recap on the weekend.

Originally I'd found out about the Arkansas Anime Festival (A2F) - made plans, pre-registered, booked my hotel, etc.  Then I also found out about GlitchCon but wasn't able to get plans settled for going the whole weekend, so I just decided kind of last minute to just make a drive up and go for the day.

I'd never been to a fandom convention before.  Well, I went to a Star Trek convention with my parents when I was pretty young once, but I really don't remember anything about it besides being scared of the Klingons, so I don't think that counts.

Obviously, going to a Con meant bringing dollies!  I had debated for awhile the night before on who to bring, and finally settled on bringing Emilie and Minette.  It's always so hard to choose.  While part of me always wants to bring alllllll of my dollies, I knew realistically they would weigh me down and it's be impossible to carry them all.  So I figured taking two MSDs was a compromise and still manageable.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend

So I had a pretty good birthday weekend this year.

Saturday I got to spend the day with Boyfriend.  We went shopping and he bought me presents.  ^_^
A kitty hat!  :D
A Hello Kitty computer mouse! It lights up!  :D

Then we went out to lunch and to the park.  ^_^  And then we went back to my house and snuggled while we watched some Netflix.  Yay for snuggling.  It was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday I went up north to see my friends for a Sushi + Tea + Dollie party at Zylphia's new apartment with Mimi, Grant, Melissa, Alicia, Kenny, and Zyl of course.  Mimi taught us how to make yummy sushi rolls and onigiri, and Mel also brought super delicious rainbow cupcakes and no-bake cookies.  There was also tea of course, and I brought a watermelon, so we had lots of happy full tummies.  ^_^
An inside-out California roll, some pork dumplings, and a shrimp nigiri.
Nomnomnom rainbow cuppycake!
There was lots of fun-ness and laughing and then an adventure to a little cabin where we took some pictures with our dolls.  I always have so much fun with my Fayetteville doll friends.  I just wish we didn't live so far apart.  The three hour drive home was boring and felt longer than the drive up.  But making the trip was definitely worth it.  

So all in all, a fantastic fun weekend.  (: 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Character Development

I've been trying to work on character development for my dolls.  I like to have first and middle names for all of my dolls, and then I also decided that they needed last names.  So I finally came up with first, middle, and last names for all of them except Madeline.  She has had a middle name the longest, but I'm still undecided about her last name.

I've really been inspired to develop my dolls' characters because of a website I joined.  It's one of those Ning social network places, but it's just for dolls, and you actually sign up as the doll and post as the doll, etc.

All of my dolls have basic personalities that they just sort of develop over time from looking at them and playing with them.  Like I knew Emilie was going to be a bit of a punk when I first saw her picture, and Olivia just has that sad little face that says she is shy and withdrawn.  But if I'm going to start writing stories about them, I need a little more substance to their characters and personalities.

So that's my project for now.  (:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry for Not Updating

Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile.  I guess I just haven't had much to say.  Life is pretty status quo I guess you could say.  I've been spending time with Boyfriend, playing with my dolls, working on crafts.  Oh, and trying to avoid the heat.  It's been disgustingly hot and humid here, so I just pretty much don't go outside unless I have to.  I can't wait until fall is here and it's nice and cool.  As Boyfriend says, "Hoodie Weather".  ^^

Speaking of fall, I guess I need to start preparing myself for the Fall Semester.  Not that I exactly have anything to do to get ready (besides get my account settled and confirm my classes), but I have to prepare mentally to actually getting out of bed on a regular basis and going in and doing schoolwork and all that instead of just sitting around relaxing and doing crafts and whatever else I please.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  (:

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I knitted my first hat today!  I bought a set of knitting looms the other day, and a book with instructions.  The basic hat was the first project in the book, so I gave it a whirl this morning.  The smallest loom in the set is supposed to be for tiny baby hats, but I was hoping it'd also be the right size for doll hats.  And it is!  I think if I make the stitching tighter next time, I can make the hat a little smaller, because right now it seems a little big to me.  But I'm also trying it on my doll that doesn't have a wig yet, so maybe once she has a wig, the hat will fit just right.  Either way, I'm excited and proud of myself.  ^_^

Rainy Day Crafts

I decided that I really wanted to get back into crafts.  Doing creative and artistic things is good for me.  It's relaxing and also when I'm done I feel proud and accomplished.  So I've made a point to set aside time to do crafts.  I bought several craft books and also some new art/craft supplies to get me started again.

Besides a few little projects here and there, I really want to focus on learning to sew and knit clothes for my dolls.  So I've started with loom knitting.  It's been a long time since I tried to learn knitting, but so far I'm really getting a hang of the loom knitting.

It stormed last night and has been kinda rainy and overcast here today, which is perfect weather to stay curled up in bed and work on my knitting.  (:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lemons to Lemonade

While browsing Amazon not too long ago, I found a doll advertised as a "Kid Delf" for sale for a really good price.  I couldn't identify it as a Kid Delf - turns out she was actually a Blue Fairy doll (Tiny Fairy Sarang).  I bought her because it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Things got a little weird after that.  I got a notice that my money was refunded.  The doll was marked as shipped, and I didn't request to cancel the order, so I don't know why that happened.  I contacted the seller through Amazon to find out why.  Instead of getting an email reply, I got a phone call from the company the next day demanding that I deposit money into their bank account for the doll since they already shipped her.  The person on the phone barely spoke any English, so it was very difficult to understand.  I have no idea about transferring money into bank accounts, and that just sounds fishy to me, so we agreed (I think?) that I would just purchase the doll again on Amazon so that they would get their money.  I wanted to wait until the doll arrived though, but as it turns out, the company no longer has the item listed on Amazon, so there's no way for me to re-purchase it anyway.

The doll arrived later that day.  I opened the package and... it wasn't the doll depicted on the item listing.  Instead of the Tiny Fairy Sarang, with her cute smiling face and blue eyes, the doll that stared back at me from the box had a frown and green eyes.  A quick browse of Blue Fairy's website, and I was able to identify her as Olive.

Life is Pretty Great

Life is pretty great right now.  I have an awesome boyfriend, I've made some new friends who share some of my interests, and I'm having fun with my hobbies.  (:

So first about my boyfriend, he really makes me happy.  I think spending time with him and going out places and such has also been helping me get over some of my social anxiety and shyness.  I don't think I would have had the courage to go to my first doll meet-up with a bunch of strangers if it had been six months ago, for example.  But he is just lots of fun to be around and we can be silly and he is always so sweet.  ^^

One thing I'm pretty happy with is getting back into my hobbies and taking time to do more arts and crafty type stuff.  I've been a bit doll crazy lately - I had kind of put that aside for awhile, but then finding sort-of-local doll friends has really resparked my interest.  Too bad they're three hours away, but it's better than not having any doll friends at all.  I also found out about a doll shop that's just five minutes from my house!  Crazy.  It's tucked away and hidden from the rest of the world.

I've done a few little crafts here and there, like making a present for my boyfriend, but I've got some other things I want to get back into, like knitting and sewing.  I'm going to give loom knitting a try, hopefully my loom will come in the mail in the next couple of days.  I think it's good to be creative and productive.  ^_^

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First Meet-Up

I went to my first doll meet-up today.  It was a very spur-of-the-moment trip since I just found the group (and found out about the meet-up) on Friday, but I'm so glad I went!

My boyfriend spent the night Monday night since he was going out of town on Tuesday to visit some friends.  So the plan was that we'd both get up early and both get an early start on our trips.  For me to get to the meet-up, it would be a three hour drive.  So to get there at 9am, I'd have to leave at 6am.  At first that seemed like a good idea, but as we were sitting up at 12:30am discussing how not tired we were, Boyfriend and I decided maybe getting a later start wouldn't be the end of the world.  :p  So I left the house at 8:00ish, and let Boyfriend sleep in a little longer.  I made really good time and got to the meet-up before 11:00.  ^_^

Everyone was super friendly and welcoming.  I'm very shy and quiet until I get used to people and open up a bit, but they all seemed pretty understanding and were very nice to me.  Even though everyone else had obviously known each other for a while, I didn't feel like they were clique-y or that I was an outsider.

I brought Madeline and Kaelyn (my new Hujoo Berry).  Kaelyn was a big hit!  Everyone loved her and thought she was adorable.  There were soooo many pretty dolls of all types!  o___o  I couldn't believe my eyes.  There were over thirty dolls which was apparently the most of any meet-up the group had previously had.

I can't wait until I can make it to another meet-up.  Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the August one, but maybe I can make it to the August Tea Party instead (it's a separate meet-up, but a lot of the members overlap apparently, and people come dressed up and bring dolls too).

Here is Kaelyn with someone's stuffed bunny.  We had to go get her one of her own on the way home.  (:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Hujoo Berry Has Arrived!


She got here yesterday morning while my boyfriend was over, so I had to wait until he left that night to take her out and play with her.  She's adooooorable and I'm already quite fond of her. ^____^

She's a limited edition full set so she came with the clothes, wig and some green eyes - however the green eyes were very cartoony so I bought some simple blue ones for her instead.  I have to say, I love how the Hujoo's dolls have their eyes fitted in.  Instead of using eye putty, they have little plastic holders that hold the eyeballs in place and then slip over some pegs above and below the eyes.  SO much easier.

Despite being plastic, Hujoo are very BJD-ish in my opinion.  Much more than the Dollfie Plus which really just seems more like a Barbie doll type doll to me.  I think the fact that they are strung really makes a difference.

Anyway, here's a picture of her.  :D

I still don't have a name figured out for her yet, but hopefully I'll come up with something soon.  (:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Much Better than Doll Stands

Well, I was going to post today about how I was really excited to find doll stands at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks a piece (which is cheap to me considering how much they'd cost to buy them from the actual doll companies plus shipping and all that.. or at least I think that's a pretty good bargain, I dunno).

BUT, now I have something much more exciting to post about!

I made some new friends on Facebook who are into dolls.  And much to my surprise, they even live in the same state as me!  One of them also pointed me in the direction of a local doll shop.  I had no idea there was a BJD store right in my town!  O:  AND they have a meet-up group that meets once a month.  The meet-up is a bit of a distance from me, but that's also good because I'd rather kinda go out of town that possibly run into local people that know me.

See, the truth is, no one in real life knows about this side of my personality - being a Japanophile, playing with dolls, my interest in Lolita fashion and lifestyle, etc.

But anyway, I'm really super excited.  The next meet-up is really soon, but I think I actually might be able to make it.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hi, hello!  I'm Keilee!  I decided to give this blogging thing a try.  This blog is going to be about anything and everything.  It will have all sorts of rambles and random things. 

I also started a blog about my dolls.  Check it out here:
The Butterfly Garden

I don't really have much of anything to say for now, but wanted to get an intro post up.  So, here it is!  (: