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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Much Better than Doll Stands

Well, I was going to post today about how I was really excited to find doll stands at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks a piece (which is cheap to me considering how much they'd cost to buy them from the actual doll companies plus shipping and all that.. or at least I think that's a pretty good bargain, I dunno).

BUT, now I have something much more exciting to post about!

I made some new friends on Facebook who are into dolls.  And much to my surprise, they even live in the same state as me!  One of them also pointed me in the direction of a local doll shop.  I had no idea there was a BJD store right in my town!  O:  AND they have a meet-up group that meets once a month.  The meet-up is a bit of a distance from me, but that's also good because I'd rather kinda go out of town that possibly run into local people that know me.

See, the truth is, no one in real life knows about this side of my personality - being a Japanophile, playing with dolls, my interest in Lolita fashion and lifestyle, etc.

But anyway, I'm really super excited.  The next meet-up is really soon, but I think I actually might be able to make it.

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