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Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend

So I had a pretty good birthday weekend this year.

Saturday I got to spend the day with Boyfriend.  We went shopping and he bought me presents.  ^_^
A kitty hat!  :D
A Hello Kitty computer mouse! It lights up!  :D

Then we went out to lunch and to the park.  ^_^  And then we went back to my house and snuggled while we watched some Netflix.  Yay for snuggling.  It was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday I went up north to see my friends for a Sushi + Tea + Dollie party at Zylphia's new apartment with Mimi, Grant, Melissa, Alicia, Kenny, and Zyl of course.  Mimi taught us how to make yummy sushi rolls and onigiri, and Mel also brought super delicious rainbow cupcakes and no-bake cookies.  There was also tea of course, and I brought a watermelon, so we had lots of happy full tummies.  ^_^
An inside-out California roll, some pork dumplings, and a shrimp nigiri.
Nomnomnom rainbow cuppycake!
There was lots of fun-ness and laughing and then an adventure to a little cabin where we took some pictures with our dolls.  I always have so much fun with my Fayetteville doll friends.  I just wish we didn't live so far apart.  The three hour drive home was boring and felt longer than the drive up.  But making the trip was definitely worth it.  

So all in all, a fantastic fun weekend.  (: 


  1. It's Beth btw...
    Maybe we can carpool next time so the drive back isn't so boring?? I've been wanting to visit everyone up there since I joined you guys but I don't want to drive back and forth alone. :(

  2. Me too, Mimi. :D

    And Beth, definitely! I try to make it up there to go to the Tenshi meet-ups as well as the Clockwork and High Tea Society parties. We could definitely carpool. ^_^


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