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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Character Development

I've been trying to work on character development for my dolls.  I like to have first and middle names for all of my dolls, and then I also decided that they needed last names.  So I finally came up with first, middle, and last names for all of them except Madeline.  She has had a middle name the longest, but I'm still undecided about her last name.

I've really been inspired to develop my dolls' characters because of a website I joined.  It's one of those Ning social network places, but it's just for dolls, and you actually sign up as the doll and post as the doll, etc.

All of my dolls have basic personalities that they just sort of develop over time from looking at them and playing with them.  Like I knew Emilie was going to be a bit of a punk when I first saw her picture, and Olivia just has that sad little face that says she is shy and withdrawn.  But if I'm going to start writing stories about them, I need a little more substance to their characters and personalities.

So that's my project for now.  (:

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