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Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend I went to GlitchCon!  So here's a bit of a recap on the weekend.

Originally I'd found out about the Arkansas Anime Festival (A2F) - made plans, pre-registered, booked my hotel, etc.  Then I also found out about GlitchCon but wasn't able to get plans settled for going the whole weekend, so I just decided kind of last minute to just make a drive up and go for the day.

I'd never been to a fandom convention before.  Well, I went to a Star Trek convention with my parents when I was pretty young once, but I really don't remember anything about it besides being scared of the Klingons, so I don't think that counts.

Obviously, going to a Con meant bringing dollies!  I had debated for awhile the night before on who to bring, and finally settled on bringing Emilie and Minette.  It's always so hard to choose.  While part of me always wants to bring alllllll of my dollies, I knew realistically they would weigh me down and it's be impossible to carry them all.  So I figured taking two MSDs was a compromise and still manageable.