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Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend I went to GlitchCon!  So here's a bit of a recap on the weekend.

Originally I'd found out about the Arkansas Anime Festival (A2F) - made plans, pre-registered, booked my hotel, etc.  Then I also found out about GlitchCon but wasn't able to get plans settled for going the whole weekend, so I just decided kind of last minute to just make a drive up and go for the day.

I'd never been to a fandom convention before.  Well, I went to a Star Trek convention with my parents when I was pretty young once, but I really don't remember anything about it besides being scared of the Klingons, so I don't think that counts.

Obviously, going to a Con meant bringing dollies!  I had debated for awhile the night before on who to bring, and finally settled on bringing Emilie and Minette.  It's always so hard to choose.  While part of me always wants to bring alllllll of my dollies, I knew realistically they would weigh me down and it's be impossible to carry them all.  So I figured taking two MSDs was a compromise and still manageable.

Going to something like this was exciting, but also kind of scary.  A year ago, I don't think I would have had the guts to go to a con.  I have a tendency towards some social anxiety and going to strange places with big crowds full of strange people is pretty scary when some days it's hard to even leave the comfort of your house to go do normal things like grocery shopping.  I'm really glad I drove up and went with my friend Beth.

Even still, when we first got there, it was pretty overwhelming.  Most of my NW friends weren't able to come to the Con afterall, and the friends that did weren't able to come until later in the day.  Beth and I found the place to pay for a day pass, and then we just sort of took up residence in the hotel lobby where it was less crowded.  There was a vendor table that had some dolls on display showing off doll clothes for sale, so we chatted with the people running the table and it felt more like finding people of our own kind.  The girl helping run the table came over and talked with us quite a bit and we became friends - we spent a good chunk of the day just hanging out in the hotel lobby with her and playing with our dolls.  ^^

Just hanging out in the lobby and people watching and interacting with fewer people at a time made things easier for me.  Especially by the time some more of our friends showed up, I was a lot calmer and ready to go see things around the Con.  Mimi, Grant, and Kenny hosted a BJD 101 Panel, so I went to that and helped set up and also put my girls on the table for display with all the other dolls.

Anyway, I guess I'm rambling here and I should wrap up.  There were lots of cool people and things to see.  Lots of people asked about and complimented my dolls.  I really enjoyed the BJD 101 Panel and hanging out with dollie friends of course.  Also, I am now really really interested in/curious about/intrigued by Steampunk.  One of the panels we went to was "So You Want to be an Airship Captain" and it was put on by a Steampunk crew of the Airship Isabella.  The whole thing just seems really awesome, and I hope my friends and I are able to put together a crew like that too someday.  Everyone from the Airship Isabella was super nice too.  There was also a band with them called Marquis of Vaudeville - I bought one of their CDs, and all the band members signed it and were very nice and friendly.

So all in all, an awesome time!  :D  I wish I could have gone to the Con for the whole weekend instead of just the one day.  Next year for sure!

Minette and Emilie hanging out at the Con.  They were even given their own badges.  ^^


  1. We will become steampunks. I know it! lol We are going to A2F, we will have a great time ALL WEEKEND, you will find a house sitter, it will be epic!

    ^LOL I sound so bossy up there!! haha

  2. lol Bossy but in a good way I suppose. d:


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