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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goals for 2012

So I've been doing some thinking about what my doll goals will be for next year.  This first year of doll collecting, my resin family has grown rapidly.  I am very happy with my collection, no doubt, and each and every one of my dolls brings me a lot of joy.  But I think next year will not be a big doll-buying year like this one was.  I'm not going to leave the hobby or anything, but basically shift the focus of my spending (both time and money).

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I admit, the holidays kinda make me a sappy person.  I know the whole story of Thanksgiving, you know, what happened to the Native Americans and all that, isn't pleasant and that the whole Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims and Native Americans is just a cheesy made up thing I guess.  But I think the idea of having a day of thanks - even though we should be thankful every day - is just pretty nice.  Plus I like the traditions of Thanksgiving - getting together with family and friends over a big special meal and saying what we're thankful for.

So, I would like to share what I'm thankful for:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye Soo

A little while ago, Luts posted this notice on their website:
"We regret to notify you that we are temporarily suspending to offer Delf(60cm) on LUTS, effective November 15, 2011.
You may buy Delf until November 15, 2011. After November 16, 2011, you won't be able to do.
We will let you know if we resume Delf on LUTS.
We apologize for any inconvenience and we will try more to offer better service.
Yours sincerely,

Now, this would *just* be the "DELF" line - that doesn't include Senior Delf, Junior Delf, Kid Delf, etc - it may be temporary or it may be for good.  A lot of people are speculating that this has to do with the Delf line actually being Cerberus Project sculpts (the other lines are actually made by Luts, not CP) - which means they could go to Fairyland instead maybe like the Minifees did.  But one thing is for sure - no one knows for sure if the Delf dolls will be sold again as they are on Luts.

One thing I've seriously been debating is if I want to borrow money from myself (from my savings account) to buy a Delf "Soo".  I'm normally more interested in MSD sized dolls, I do like other sizes and plan to one day branch out more besides just MSDs, and since I love the Kid Delfs so much, naturally I was curious about the other Delf lines.  When I saw "Soo", the look of her just struck me as a perfect doll to be a big sister for Minette (my Kid Delf "Aru").

Merging Sort of

I've decided to sort of merge my blogs.  I have this one (currently named "Keilee's Thoughts" but that might change), and the Butterfly Garden Dolls blog.  Originally I figured I would post everything doll related on the Butterfly Garden blog, and I'd post everything else here.  But really, dolls are such a fundamental part of my life, that separating my life into two categories - "Dolls" and "Life" - doesn't really work.  So I moved all my posts from the doll blog over here, and now this is just a "Life (and Dolls, because Dolls are Life)" blog.  ^_^

I'm not going to delete the other blog, but I figure I will keep it for actually posting creative writing about the dolls once I get around to actually writing out their stories.  Also if I do any in-character/character development stuff, it will go there.

Hope that makes sense.  (: