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Monday, November 14, 2011

Merging Sort of

I've decided to sort of merge my blogs.  I have this one (currently named "Keilee's Thoughts" but that might change), and the Butterfly Garden Dolls blog.  Originally I figured I would post everything doll related on the Butterfly Garden blog, and I'd post everything else here.  But really, dolls are such a fundamental part of my life, that separating my life into two categories - "Dolls" and "Life" - doesn't really work.  So I moved all my posts from the doll blog over here, and now this is just a "Life (and Dolls, because Dolls are Life)" blog.  ^_^

I'm not going to delete the other blog, but I figure I will keep it for actually posting creative writing about the dolls once I get around to actually writing out their stories.  Also if I do any in-character/character development stuff, it will go there.

Hope that makes sense.  (:

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