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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chobits on Love

I was looking up Chobits, thinking about buying it on DVD.  Sort of made me think why I love this anime so much.  I love it, it's very sweet, but it's also sad.  This part of the anime makes me cry every time.. because I can relate to it too well.
"Today I look for someone just for me. Someone who will love me even if I cannot fulfill their wishes. Someone who has love for me alone. But, there is another me. The other me asks 'Does that person exist?' I need someone whose love for me is true. I want someone who loves me without asking anything in exchange. Unless that someone loves me for being me, they're not someone just for me. Is this so? It is. This someone exists? He does. If so...then where? My someone is nearby, I think. Perhaps I already know him. But, what if that person does not love you back? What if that person likes someone other than you? People aren't like them. You can't erase feelings. People aren't easy to change. I know. But people do change. Their feelings are dynamic. Feelings of love are more resistant than others. What if he never loves you? Then I'll have to decide. Decide, then do what must be done. Me and the other me." 


  1. I have the set and love it. I now need to finish getting the last of the Manga. Hopefully getting an outfit for me and one of my BJDs to cosplay Chi and Hidaki.

  2. It's my favorite anime, so I really should get the DVD set, oh and the manga too. A dollie-and-me Chobits cosplay would be awesome. :D


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