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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doll Projects

Despite owning a lot of dolls, my skill in doing much with them besides playing with them is limited.  But being more proficient with the artistic side of the BJD hobby is definitely a goal of mine.

I've had a lot of ideas for little projects here and there that I wanted to do with various dolls of mine: little things to fix, touch-ups to add, posing improvements, etc.  But my list of To-Do Projects is much longer than my list of Accomplished Projects.

A friend has been staying with me for the past week, and sometimes it takes some inspiration from someone else to actually get moving on projects I guess.  But get moving, I did!  One thing led to another (as often is the case with "ferret brain" and I actually wound up getting a lot done.

First, I started with trimming Natasha's bangs.  They were a bit uneven, and it was bugging me.  So snip snip, and her bangs looked much better.  Then I figured I'd trim her eyelashes, since my friend pointed out that they were uneven.  I did so, but didn't like the result, so I pulled them off and decided to replace them with new eyelashes.

While she was sitting there eyelash-less, I figured it'd be a good time to add some more color to her default faceup.  So, I sprayed her with MSC-UV cut, then added a bit more color to her lips and some pink blush to her cheeks.  I sealed her with more MSC-UV cut, and once she was fully dry the following morning, applied gloss to her lips and attached new eyelashes.

While she was headless, I figured it'd be a good time to work on some of Natasha's posing issues.  Taking the plunge, I unstrung her and replaced the string in her legs with a thicker elastic and also took the opportunity to suede her legs with moleskin.  Her arms were next - at first I tried a thicker elastic, but then I decided to wire them too, and the thicker elastic and the wire couldn't both fit, so I stuck with her original elastic but tightened it a bit.  Then I put in the wires.  The end result - she can hold her arms up in any pose I want her to now, she's much tighter and her legs are easier to pose and stand as well.  I even got her to stand on one foot!

All in all, I'm really happy with the modding although I think there are still some things I want to improve/re-do.  Namely, the gloss took off a bit of color on the lips, so I want to re-do that, and I'm not quite confident that her eyelashes are glued on well enough so I think I'll try again with those too.

I got a few other little projects done (like fixing Maccabee's eyelashes), but it just feels good to be actually DOING not just planning.  (: