Welcome to my Blog!

Hello people of the interwebs! Glad you found me, and thanks for reading! ^^ This is just my general all-purpose blog about my life, although mostly my life seems to focus around my ball jointed dolls. Please follow/subscribe so you don't miss any updates. Also, feel free to leave comments! Check out my other social networking links too - I love making friends.

About Keilee

About Me
Hi, hello, I'm Keilee!
(Pronounced key-lee)
Nicknames: Kei, Kei-kei, Lil Bit, and Keiblit.


* I lovelovelove animals.
* Animal rescue is a big deal to me.
* My favorite types of animals are reptiles, dogs, fish, rodents, cats, dinosaurs, and bugs - in no particular order.
* I love ball-jointed dolls, teddy bears/other plushy animals, tea sets, and other toys.
* I love Lolita fashion and the Lolita Lifestyle.
* I'm very curious about and enthralled by Steampunk!
* My favorite foods are sushi, ramen, and tacos.
* I like arts and crafts (especially knitting and papercrafts), baking and cooking, photography, creative writing, and bento craft.
* I value all sorts of creative expression.
* I'm obsessed with cute things.
* I collect Asian ball-jointed dolls and Hello Kitty stuff.
* I like all sorts of cartoons. I'm really trying to get into anime.
* My favorite color is purple. I also like grey, pink, and black.

Young At Heart:
* I like to play in the rain, chase butterflies, and be in awe of the world around me.
* I love going to the playground.
* I like to watch children's movies and read children's books.
* I still play with toys.
* I don't feel as mentally or emotionally mature as I should be for my age.
* I don't want to grow up - I wish I could stay a kid forever.
* I'd say that I have an inner child, but I think I am my inner child.

* I often have a short attention span or at least a bazillion things running through my mind making me pretty scattered.
* I am very shy and not very good at social interaction or communicating.
* Initiating contact is very difficult for me.
* I have social anxiety and am usually really scared of being in crowds in unfamiliar places.
* Although I can be very shy and reserved, I can also very silly. Yay, moodswings!
* Once I warm up to people and feel more comfortable, I can be quite silly and talkative.
* I can be very emotionally needy and dependent.
* I'm pretty self conscious and have low self-esteem.
*I'm very quirky and weird.

Other Random Stuff:
* I often make all sorts of weird little noises.
* I talk to animals, inanimate objects, and myself a lot.
* I'll try almost anything once.
* I like random, strange, and taboo things.
* I can't stand people who don't have a sense of humor.
* I'm not a self-injurer, but bruises fascinate me.
* I'm very much a night owl. Yay insomnia. o_o
* I like making lists.